Tequila can be known as the essence of Mexico, however it has an enormous tequila history surrounded by myths, traditions, and legendary stories. First of all, tequila was a substantial milestone for North America. This is because tequila was the first drink that was commercially produced and distilled.

It’s origin and history can be traced all the way back to the early 1500’s. The plant that tequila is derived from is called maguey also known as agave. According to tequila history, agave was used by the Aztecs long before it’s use for a spirit. Agave was utilized for many purposes in those days and to make things such as clothing, baskets, rope, maps, and paper. It was also comprised into pulque a nutritious beverage. To be considered true tequila a spirit has to be at least comprised of 51% of the blue agave plant sugars, and the rest can be used in combination with other ingredients.

This is mandated, enforced, and regulated by The Tequila Regulatory Council. Top shelf brands of Tequila are normally expensive because they are derived and made with 100 percent of the blue agave plant.

The versatility of Tequila
Open your mind and pallets to the world of tequila and try one of our flight trays from each section. Each try comes with 3 of our specially selected tequilas and a glass of Sangrita, Lemon, and a Orange.

Warrior Flight - Call
Bandido Flight - Premium
Emperor Flight - Super Premium
Sun God Flight - Bonanza
Don Tello Personal Flight - Super Bonanza

(B)Tequila Blanco
Clear, unaged tequila that is normally bottled right after being distilled. When the clear white tequila drips from the cooling coils of the alambique, it is correctly called silver or plata, but is more commonly called white or blanco.

(R)Tequila Reposado - Rested or Aged
The first definitive level of aging is termed reposado or rested and mandates that the tequila remain in wood for a period of two months but no longer than 12 months.

(A)Tequila Añejo - Extra Aged or Vintage
The next level of aging is the añejo tequilas. Añejo, which means "vintage", can only appear on bottles that contain tequila, aged in oak barrels having a maximum capacity of 600 liters, a minimum of one year.
El Bandido Tequlia List
1800 (R)
Carbito (B)
Carbito (R)
Casadores (B)
Casadores (R)
Cuervo Black
Cuervo Especial
Cuervo Tradicional
Dos Dedos
El Charro
El Ultimo(R)
Hijos De Villa Bullet
Hotel California (B)
Jimador (R)
Jimador (B)
Monte Alban
Sauza Comerativo
Sauza Hornitos
1800 (A)
3 Generations B/R/A
Cabo Wabo B/R/A
Cazadorez (A)
Centinela (R)
Cielo Azul
Corazon B/R/A
Cuervo Platino
Don Eduardo (B)
Don Julio B/R/A
Herradura B/R/A
Milagro B/R
Patron B/R/A
Hotel California (R)
Hijos De Villa Pistol
Antiguo Herradura
Ultimo Agave
Tres Rios
Sauza Tirada
Casa Amigos B/R/A
Mexican Moonshine
Partida R/A
Tulapa Azul
Semental B/R/A
Voodoo Tiki
Super Premium
1800 Millenium
Casa Noble (A)
Corzo (A)
Cuervo Familia
Milagro Familia
Hotel California(A)
Los Azulejos(A)
Tequila Corralejo
Tequila Lapis
Tequila Ocho
Oro Azul
Hacienda Chihuahua
Carta Plata
Grand Patron Silver
Jose Cuervo Extra (A)

Super Bonanza
Don Julio Real
Grand Patron (A)
Selection Superior
Hijos De Villa Rifle
Milagro Unico